Velocomp AeroPod

In the world of analysis, few things are more important than aerodynamics.

Whether it be the riders’ position (most important, actually) or the gear you use, proper aerodynamics mean free speed when race day comes. Aside from simply trusting manufacturers’ claims, the best way to be sure you’re poking a small hole through the wind on the bike is to get aero testing done—but unfortunately wind tunnels for cyclists are few and costly. The Velocomp AeroPod, when used in conjunction with a direct-force power meter (which is the vast majority of power meters available) is a great way to constantly check in with your cycling position and also evaluate the “aero-ness” of your equipment. Even better than a wind tunnel, the information gathered with the Velocomp AeroPod occurs in real world situations, to give a better sense of what’s really happening while training and racing.