Unboxed: Rapha’s Fancy New Woven Pro Team Shoes

Rapha's new Pro Team shoes may look super simple and old school, but underneath lurks some tricky tech that makes them worthy of a second look.

Though most of us aren’t participating in group rides right now, even from six feet away a slick new piece of cycling can still inspire envy. Clearly this has been Rapha’s goal as they produce some of the fanciest and most jealousy-inducing gear on the market. Their latest foray into the cycling-shoe space checks both boxes as the Rapha Pro Team shoe looks both classy and well-made with features like a woven upper, full-length carbon sole, BOA dials, heel and toe pads, and a massive heel cup that helps retain your foot as you pedal away from the haters.

First Impressions

Rapha Pro Team Shoe: $355,

What I Like About Rapha’s Pro Team Shoe

  1. This shoe has a great blend of the classic looks and modern tech. Unlike some higher-end pairs, I don’t expect these to go out of style any time soon.
  2. Though I don’t want to call it early, the seamless upper looks it might be a hit for long-course triathletes looking to race and train in the same pair of shoes—we’ll see if going sockless is a possibility.

What Makes Me Worried With Rapha’s Pro Team Shoe

  1. Though the heel and toe caps look like they do a great job of providing traction in the cafe (or in transition!), the lack of replaceability is a little disappointing. Durability will the savior here.
  2. Maybe the price? Though these aren’t the most expensive shoes on the market, these are a little out of reach for some triathletes.

Final Thoughts

  1. I love the fact that Rapha is continuing to expand its shoe line, and from the looks of it, they took their time on the Pro Team shoe to make it simple-yet-techy.
  2. Though I really loved their laced Classic shoes—which I still wear today—I think the addition of BOA dials and a woven upper are welcome upgrades.