Unboxed: Quintana Roo’s Pretty New PRsix2 Disc

Quintana Roo's new PRsix2 Disc is slimmer, stiffer, and more ready to race right out of the box than its predecessor. It's pretty too!

Tennessee-based Quintana Roo has always existed at the heart of tri—producing only tri bikes, now making tri wetsuits (again), and giving off a community-focused vibe that few brands can boast. Now QR has taken their already lightweight and popular PRsix Disc, put it on a diet, and stiffened it up. Features aside, Quintana Roo’s new PRsix2 Disc is  basically ready-to-race within an hour or so of arriving at your home with its direct-to-consumer model, an easy-to-build bike, and a complete tri-ready package.

Check out our video below for the full unboxing, or scroll down for some quick takeaways. Also: We’re giving one away! Enter at

First Impressions

Quintana Roo PRsix2 Disc: Starting at $8,500 for a complete build,

What I Like About Quintana Roo’s PRsix2 Disc

  1. Lighter (10%) and stiffer (11%) than the PRsix Disc is great, but the addition of an aero-optimized and included front hydration system that’s not proprietary is a fantastic detail.
  2. Hand-painted in Tennessee, this is a very fun and customizable bike with 11 included color options to choose from.
  3. Building this thing is ridiculously easy (watch the video). QR’s prebuild makes other direct-to-consumer bikes look shamefully difficult to assemble.

What Makes Me Worried With Quintana Roo’s PRsix2 Disc

  1. I do wish they’d sell this frameset with a less expensive build—$8,500 is not that bad for Ultegra Di2, but if this bike had an option near $5k, it’d probably fly off the shelves.
  2. Pay super close attention to the sizing on this bike. Though these frames fit a wide range of people, I was shocked to find that I needed 54cm (I’m 6’1″).

Final Thoughts

  1. There is so much I love about this bike: from the paint options to the mechanic-free build to the fact that it’s basically ready to race the day you get it—with included storage and hydration.
  2. For whatever reason, QR sometimes gets overlooked compared to other big brands, but I’m hoping that their commitment to tri and focus on community/customers finally gets them the notice they deserve.