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Unboxed: Orbea Ordu Tri Bike

Orbea's newly updated version of the Ordu has been a long time coming—finally we get some superbike features on a well-loved tri bike.

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2020 has been light on a lot: We haven’t had hardly any races, we’ve probably been training a bit less than normal, and we haven’t seen nearly as much tri-specific gear as we have in previous years. The good news is that 2020 is coming to an end soon, and that some brands are still moving forward with tri releases. It’s been four years since Orbea updated their well-loved (and well-worn) Ordu with some modern details like an integrated “superbike-style” front end and most notably disc brakes. This bike has been in the pipeline for a long time, and Orbea is one of the few companies who has decided to move forward with a “Kona release,” even without an actual Kona. So here we are with one of the few tri bike releases this year, and from what we can tell, it looks good so far.

Read on for some quick takes about the new Ordu, check out the above video for our unboxing, or read our extended review (for Active Pass members only).

First Impressions

Orbea Ordu: Starting at $5,000;

What I Like About The New Orbea Ordu

  1. A very clean integrated super bike front end
  2. Easy adjustability from the seat to the bars
  3. Disc brakes
  4. No-fuss build and disassembly for travel

What Makes Me Worried About The New Orbea Ordu

  1. No rim brake option, but this is a feature, not a bug
  2. No model under $5,000

Final Thoughts

  1. This update to the Ordu has been a very very long time coming, and it’ll finally bring Orbea back in step with what other tri brands offer.
  2. It’s a little sad that triathletes won’t be able to get on this bike for less than $5,000, but we’re hoping the trickle-down effect comes along soon.
  3. Obviously disc brakes are the way pretty much all higher-end tri bikes are going, and with Orbea’s commitment to disc (finally), the circle is complete. It might be time to update your wheels if you want a super bike.