Unboxed: EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

The latest bike box from EVOC, the Road Bike Bag Pro, is a combination hard and soft case that breaks down into a fraction of its size for storage, but still protects your bike. Using a similar design to its Bike Travel Bag Pro, this more deluxe version has hard sides near the handlebars and is meant to be a “fit-friendly” case—meaning you only have to remove the pedals and wheels in theory.

Though not cheap at $925, this bag also boasts features like an included bike stand for working on your rig on the road and a third wheel that allows easy transport on uneven surfaces.

Check out our video below for the full unboxing to get a look at the EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro, or scroll down for some quick takeaways.

First Impressions

$925, Evocsports.com

What I Like About The EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

  1. Storage. We store bike boxes way more than we use them, and these things can be a huge pain if you don’t have lots of room.
  2. A combination of hard and soft equal protection and light weight.

What Makes Me Worried With The EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro

  1. There are a lot of rods and supports required to put this bike case together. We’ll do a full review to see if it’s as tricky as it looks.
  2. Though EVOC claims to be “fit-friendly,” meaning you only need to remove pedals and wheels, it’s unlikely that applied to tri bikes and aerobars.

Final Thoughts

  1. On one hand, the fact that this bike case breaks down really small is great, but if it requires a ton of work to make it that way, it might be more trouble than it’s worth if you travel enough.
  2. This is definitely one of the first soft-sided bike cases I’ve seen that doesn’t make me nervous, so I’d have no fear packing a high-end bike in here.