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The Top 10 Kits on Zwift

It’s not just about looking good on the road. Looking good in the virtual world counts just as much—and here we have a rundown of the 10 best-looking kits on Zwift.

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As the saying goes, “look good, feel good” — and it’s no different in the virtual cycling world of Zwift. There are hundreds of different styles your avatar can wear at the click of a button — whether it’s loud designs, more subtle colors, or repping your favorite team—there is a kit for everyone. Now, fashion choices are often a very personal decision, and with so many kits on offer it can be hard to narrow it down to the top 10, but fear not, we’ve done the hard work for you. The kits listed below are divided into four categories: team kits, challenge kits, unlock kits, and special mentions. (And if this is all sounding like a foreign language, hold tight, we’ll explain it all as we go.)

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Team Kits

Cycling teams, just like in-real-life (IRL), are an important part of the Zwift racing scene. The emergence of the highly competitive Zwift Racing League (ZRL), presented by WTRL, has further solidified the presence of teams on Zwift. Over 10,000 team members come together every week to race, showing genuine comradery, even though most teams have never met each other IRL and come from all reaches of the globe. If your team is prevalent enough in the racing scene you will be given the chance to have a custom jersey in-game. The ones listed below represent the top four:


A great bunch of women who are all about fun, energy, racing… and raving! Their kit seems to encapsulate all of what they stand for. A great pink-to-orange-to-blue fade with a unique dark red color splotch on the left, middle, and back. The arrows really make you think of a team with lots of energy, always moving forward and bringing some real pizazz to the pack. The shorts are a classic black with just a little bit of pink and orange detailing in the cuffs to tie it all together. All-in-all, it’s a fabulous kit that lets everyone know the RAVE girls are here to party!

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Team Socks4Watts (S4W)

At the start of the first Covid lockdowns a group of top women formed S4W and went on to dominate the WTRL weekly TTTs (team time trials). The team has grown to now field 11 male and female ZRL teams. And their kit has it all, too: a unicorn riding a Tron bike, subtle sparkles on a deep blue sleeve, and matching hot pink cuffs around the neck and shorts, really tying together the color palette. But best of all is the cheeky almost-there swear word that must have made it past Zwift HQ: #AeroAF.

Team SARIS NoPinz

The caveat here is that this is the author’s race team, but all bias aside who doesn’t like a loud hot pink cycling kit?! Ever since T-Mobile back in the day, to EF Cycling now, a hot pink kit has been the must-have look of the peloton. The crisp white offset with the hot pink is a feast for the eyes and makes it hard to miss any of the team when they are crushing the Zwift Premier League races. When it comes to cars, red equals fast; in cycling, it’s pink.

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DIRT stands for Dads Inside Riding Trainers and has been a staple on the Zwift scene since 2018.  This kit is unique and fully represents a team who mix together family-time with Zwift-time.  Underneath the big mustachioed mascot is the piece-de-resistance: a baby’s bottle sticking out of the jersey pocket. It’s a kit that says: “I’m serious about cycling, but I know where my priorities lie.”

Challenge Kits

Zwift is all about the challenges:They keep you motivated, keep you fit, and most importantly you will usually find a fresh new piece of kit in your Zwift Garage on completion. Below are my two favorite challenge kits (and unfortunately if you missed the challenge, it is very hard, near impossible, to get these in your garage at a later time):

Specialized Mix-Tape Challenge

In 2019, to coincide with the release of a specialized mix-tape collection of bikes and accessories, Zwift ran a series of group rides and workouts. Each ride was coupled with a rad music soundtrack and, best of all, a really great kit: a midnight blue-to-purple fade with swirling black lines to represent the ribbons in an old-school tape. For me, this kit just screams cool! The black shorts give a touch of elegance and ties together so well with the block black on the inside of the sleeve.

Neokyo Route Badge Challenge

It was probably one of the most exciting moments in a Zwifter’s life and it happened last November: new roads were released. This time it was a new night city called Neokyo and, along with it, came a sweet new kit—a kind of neon, Japanese-inspired, pixelated mash up of a jersey with pinks, greens, blues, and reds all accentuated by a bold yellow feature through the middle.  What could be just a bit too much for the eyes is calmed down by the solid black shorts. It’s loud, that’s for sure, but it is eye-catching.

Unlock Kits

These kits are ones that only become available when certain levels or distances are achieved in-game.  Everyone has access to these but it does take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to unlock the best ones.

The Century Kit

Now, to make clear, this involves riding 100 miles all at one time in Zwift. The kit is black on black on black—and boy, does it ooze sleekness, confidence, and a little bit of boastfulness that, yes, you did indeed ride a century. It has a very understated grey Z on the back with a nice little “Ride On” at the base to support those fellow riders out there who aren’t quite at the same caliber as your huge distance-crazed accomplishment.

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Retro Z cycling jersey

This is officially called the Vintage 3 Jersey and is unlocked when you reach level 8, so it is by far the most accessible jersey on this list. This is modeled off the Z-Vetements cycling jersey of the 1980s, a true icon of its time, worn by legendary riders such as Greg LeMond. Described as utterly radical, this kit divided opinions but its comic book ‘80s style with bright yellows, pinks and blues is truly memorable.

Special Mentions

The Triathlete Magazine jersey

You can almost be mistaken for a world champion when donning the TriMag jersey in-game. Its sleek tri color lines on the classic block black and white looks very sophisticated. Add in the matching trim on the shorts and you’ve got a stellar look for any type of ride you’re heading on.  With ‘Triathlete’ written in bold letters on the back, there’s no mistaking which sport you are representing—just please be sure to wear socks!

(Note: You can join the Triathlete monthly Zwift ride to unlock your own Triathlete jersey. Simply join us for our hour-long ride on the first Tuesday of every month starting at 9 a.m. MT. Here’s a recent workout we did, led by American ITU racer Matt McElroy).

Canyon-SRAM 2022 Pro Kit

This kit definitely deserves a special mention, it is one of the most eye-catching and fresh- looking kits in the women’s peloton and the digitized kit looks amazing in the Premier Division racing league. Inspired by the elements, this jersey has flashes of pink, blue, and some bright neon green triangles on the shoulders. Although this kit is only available to those riding on the pro women’s team, it is still one to be admired, albeit from afar.

Anna Russell is a prolific Zwifter with an avid eye for avatar fashion. When not riding, she also commentates and produces for Zwift and Zwift Community Live. You’ll find her on the virtual roads almost every day, clocking up the miles while her three young children sleep.