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The Top 10 Kits on Zwift

It’s not just about looking good on the road. Looking good in the virtual world counts just as much—and here we have a rundown of the 10 best-looking kits on Zwift for winter 2023.

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It’s that time of year when everyone is hitting the indoor trainer, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, and avatar fashion becomes a hot topic. Welcome to this season’s fashion picks from the World of Zwift. The top 10 kits are outlined below, divided into four categories; team kits (4), challenge kits (2), unlock kits (2) and special mentions (2).

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Team Kits

Cycling teams, just like in-real-life (IRL), are an important part of the Zwift racing scene. The emergence of the highly competitive Zwift Racing League (ZRL), presented by WTRL, has further solidified the presence of teams on Zwift. Over 10,000 team members come together every week to race, showing genuine comradery, even though most teams have never met each other IRL and come from all reaches of the globe. If your team is prevalent enough in the racing scene you will be given the chance to have a custom jersey in-game. The ones listed below represent the top four:

Team TT1

Not only does this team have a great kit, but they have a great cause too. It is a group exclusively for Zwift riders connected to Type 1 diabetes (e.g., a person with Type 1 Diabetes or a parent, grandparent etc. of someone with the condition). The kit is smooth with clean-cut lines of royal blue and white—stunning in its simplicity. Next time you see this kit out on Zwift be sure to give that rider a big “RIDE ON.”

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Team Velos

A huge shout out to Tina Grobler from Team Velo who designed their new kit in 2022, and wow is it a stunner! The jersey brings in themes from the northern lights and is nicely offset with the block-colored blue shorts. The geometric blue and green cuffs of jersey and shorts bring it all together. Paired with the blue Tron wheels this is just a symphony of style.

Team Rhino Racing

The Rhinos were born out a mutual love of fair-but-hard racing, pushing each other to go faster and stronger. As a competitive team, they have created maybe one of the most competitive kits in the style department this year. It is unique, it is striking, it is one that everyone wants in their Zwift garage. Stylized rhinos in light purple are the feature of the jersey, and the hot pink writing and logos really stand out. Match this kit with the Off the MAAP pink headband and the pink Tron bike for a truly epic look.

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Team PTz

PTz is one of the OG kits on Zwift and definitely has a stand-out retro style. This could be a polarizing kit with the block rainbow design in simplistic colors, but sometimes simple is what you need to look good. Black shorts are a classic and balance out the rainbow well. Simple, basic, and beautiful, all define this kit.

Challenge Kits

Zwift is all about the challenges:They keep you motivated, keep you fit, and most importantly you will usually find a fresh new piece of kit in your Zwift Garage on completion. Below are my two favorite challenge kits (and unfortunately if you missed the challenge, it is very hard, near impossible, to get these in your garage at a later time):

Tour of Makuri Islands Kit

In 2021, Zwift released a new land called the Makuri Islands—originally made up of Yumezi, then adding Neokyo and finally in late 2022 Urukazi was launched. By far the most beautiful world in Zwift with cherry blossoms, island roads, and a neon wonderland, the kit you get through the Tour of Makuri Islands is likewise just as striking. Different shades of pink offset with aquamarine green really do look stunning and out of all the Zwift tour kits is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Lederhosen Kit

The Zwift Pretzelfest in October 2022 coincided with the IRL Octoberfest, and it involved A LOT of climbing—but more importantly an amazing jersey unlock with the Lederhosen kit. I’m not sure many people would dare to wear this IRL, but in-game it is unique and eye-catching. A traditional Lederhosen transformed into a cycling kit with every detail captured, like the edelweiss sitting in the back pocket. Paired with a vintage bike, leather shoes, and the traditional hat, it is an absolute winner.

Unlock Kits

These kits are ones that only become available when certain levels or distances are achieved in-game.  Everyone has access to these but it does take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to unlock the best ones.

Level 52 Retro Kit unlock

In 2022 Zwift added levels 51-60, which gives us the excitement of a whole lot of new kit unlocks! One of the best by far is the 1980s April Fools kit you get at Level 52. This kit was actually seen in-game for only one day back in 2020 (April 1st) and it has been on the must-have garage list ever since. A mash-up of yellows, pinks, and blues could turn into a vomit-inducing haze for the eyes, but instead it comes together in just the right way to look bright, stylish, and fast.

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Rapha Festive 500 Kit unlock

Every year cyclists from all over the globe try to ride 500km between Christmas and New Year—a challenge called the Festive 500. Many take to Zwift to complete this and Rapha came on board to support those taking on the challenge with virtual group rides. More importantly you could also unlock a sweet jersey in-game. The purples, the pinks, the mash-up of straight lines, curves and grids make this jersey so unique and incredibly sought after.

Special Mentions

The Betty Design Jersey

Betty Design has always been at the height of fashion in real-life triathlon and that flair for style has been transformed into an amazing Zwift jersey. Kristin Mayer, the founder of Betty Design, brings together fashion and surf culture in a stunning piece that encapsulates the ethos that women can be both strong and beautiful. The trademark scull and crossbones with butterfly wings is the centerpiece on a wild, colorful kit that screams “radness.” For this one you’ve got to take part in some of the Betty Designs badass workouts, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Watch the Femmes

This year will go down in history as one of the biggest in women’s cycling, due in large part to the Tour de France Femme avec Zwift. To celebrate the race Zwift had a #watchthefemme event series and the jersey unlock was incredible. Bright, bright, bright would be the best way to describe this jersey. Orange, yellow, and pink splashed across the jersey with mountain-shaped motifs on the back, it stands out and stands up for women’s cycling.

Anna Russell is a prolific Zwifter with an avid eye for avatar fashion. Anna co-hosts the weekly podcast ‘The Wrap’, rounding up all things Zwift from racing to community guests to fashion.When not riding, she also commentates and produces for Zwift and Zwift Community Live. You’ll find her on the virtual roads almost every day, clocking up the miles while her three young children sleep.