Spring 2021 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Cycling Hydration Systems

Our 2021 guide to cycling hydration has expert reviews on all of the latest gear triathletes need to fuel while out on the bike.

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Profile Design HSF/Aero HC 800+ bike-mounted hydration system

Profile Design HSF/Aero HC 800+ | $115

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | Weight: 387g


A between-the-arms hydration system that incorporates the ability to refill on the fly, an integrated computer mount, flexible drink hose with integrated magnet, and an adjustable design with an 800mL capacity.


  • Integrated Garmin mount
  • Can be mounted above or below bars
  • Powerful magnet secures straw while riding
  • The cage also fits a standard water bottle—perfect for training


  • Zip-tie mounting makes for more difficult installation/removal
  • Fill port can splash when refilling on the fly
  • Bottle can rattle in cage when riding on rough surfaces

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Vision Metron Front Hydration System bike-mounted hydration system

Vision Metron Front Hydration System | $83

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ | Weight: 335g


A computational fluid dynamic-designed, between-the-arms bottle system with a 700mL capacity, this has an adjustable moveable straw that can be raised to access fluids while maintaining the aero position, and a tray that attaches to the aerobars secured with hook-and-loop fasteners.


  • Detachable bento box allows nutrition storage
  • “Labyrinth” water fill spout reduces splash-back when refilling on the fly
  • Easy to install with bracket that snaps onto bars and secures with velcro


  • Refill port lid is difficult to replace when refilling while riding
  • Included computer mount is somewhat bulky
Xlab Mini Wing 105 bottle cages mounted behind the seat

Xlab Mini Wing 105 | $60

Rating: ★ ★ | Weight: 186g


A saddle-mounted hydration system designed to carry two standard water bottles with mounting hardware that attaches the setup to a standard saddle—secured by a single screw on each rail.


  • Easy installation with only a single bolt per cage
  • Easy to access while riding but still sits low enough not to hinder your T1 mount
  • Included cages are sleek and hold bottles firmly in place


  • Not compatible with all saddle rails
  • Mounting hardware can potentially loosen over time
Torhans Aero30 bike-mounted hydration system

Torhans Aero30 | $70

Rating: ★ ★ ★ | Weight: 155g


A between-the-arms hydration system with a 30oz. capacity (also available in 20oz.) that attaches to the bike using the AeroMount bracket (sold separately). The latest model does feature a new spill- and splash-proof cap with a magnetic closure. An AeroTray accessory is also available, allowing athletes to attach a computer head unit.


  • Easy to refill on the fly with magnetic latch cover
  • Large capacity at 30oz.
  • Low-profile, aerodynamic design


  • Bottle can rattle on rough roads
  • Aero Mount is not included, but is necessary for installation
  • Narrow design makes it difficult to clean
  • Drinking tube is not very snug and can come loose
Speedfil Aero Bundle handlebar-mounted water bottle

Speedfil Aero Bundle | $100

Rating: ★ ★ ★ | Weight: 234g (A2 & Z4 combined)


The Aero Bundle combines Speedfil’s A2 and Z4+ products into a complete between-the-arms hydration solution that can connect to any standard Specialized thread-compatible water bottle—giving the Aero Bundle a capacity of up to 24oz. The system also includes an integrated Garmin-compatible computer mount.


  • Easily refillable while riding
  • Compatible with standard water bottles
  • Simple to clean


  • Garmin mount not included
  • Lid requires a good deal of force to open
  • Tedious assembly
  • Mounting could be more robust