Reviewed: Enve Foundation 65 Disc Wheel

We review the Enve Foundation 65 Disc Wheel as part of our 2020 wheel roundup.

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Enve Foundation 65 Disc

$1,600; 1641g, disc brake only, tubeless compatible
65mm deep, 28mm external width, 21mm internal width

Enve really went outside of their lane when they introduced the new Foundation collection earlier this year. Known mostly for their high-end wheel offerings, this new line finally gave triathletes a chance at an affordable pair of made-in-the-USA carbon rims that would be the…envy…of all of their training buddies. Here, Enve did a great job of keeping their quality high and in line with the rest of their line with a slightly downgraded hub body, but otherwise some great internals and carbon. Unlike their 5.6 models, the 65 is the same depth front and back—in an effort to save money on mass production and simplicity. So while you won’t be as fast (or as stable) on these as you would with their different-depth lines, we’re definitely talking about marginal gains.

In terms of ride, this wheelset was slightly on the softer side, but still had very reasonable response while standing up. The 65s definitely felt more like a pair of $2,000+ wheels than something cheap and noodley. As such, these wheels felt great over minor rough spots—high frequency chatter—and pretty decent over medium-height bumps in the road and big, jarring obstacles. They tracked as well in high crosswinds as could be expected from a 65mm deep rim and had a cornering responsiveness that leaned more toward a stable, predictable ride rather than something twitchy or more slice and dice. The only big downside we saw to these wheels was for some reason tires—both tubeless and clincher/tube—were incredibly difficult to get on the rim. While not entirely impossible in a roadside emergency, be sure you have some sturdy tire levers and are very careful about pinching the tube (if you go that route). On that note, if you’re going to be running tubeless, be sure to check Enve’s tire compatibility list, as their hookless sidewall design only works with certain tires.

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