Louis Garneau Tri X-Lite II, Women

The Draw: Stiff and durable

With a stiff sole that offers excellent support and power transfer during long rides, the Tri X-Lite II is designed for the high-mileage triathlete. For those who ride sockless, a softer, less-textured fabric at the heel boasts excellent wicking capabilities with less chafing. The X-Lite II has a sturdy, breathable upper that is tough enough to withstand the scrapes and wear that come with our sport. A protected toe box is thanks to a textured toe guard on the front of the shoe—no more stubbed toes coming out of transition. Garneau understands that thick, durable rubber on the sole’s heel and toe are a necessity given how often triathletes clip in and out, and the buffer spots are sure to help these shoes last for multiple seasons.

192g (size 38)