The Draw: Pedal Power Meter with All the Fancy Data

As the saying goes, “Third time’s the charm!”, and that’s certainly the case with Garmin’s Vector 3. No doubt Garmin has been climbing the list each year in Kona with their Vector series, but it’s always been a bit dragged down by the previous versions’ dangling pods that hang of your crank arm. With Vector 3, the pods are gone, and the result is a sleek-looking pedal with accuracy to match. Garmin also now transmits not just on ANT+, but also Bluetooth Smart. Adding to that, the units transmit a boatload of additional metrics to your Garmin device, like seated/standing time, platform center offset, and more. Whether or not you can find something to do with those metrics is another story, but they leave lots of opportunity for the geeks at heart.


Review by Ray Maker