BMC Timemachine 02

The Draw: Just right

BMC’s midrange offering is a very solid bike that does exactly what one would expect without any bells, whistles, or hassles. Sporting a well-rounded spec (all Ultegra—no skimping on brakes, cranksets, etc.), with the Timemachine 02, what you see is what you get. The ride on this setup is only slightly on the harsher side, but still well within a reasonable range for even a long-course bike. Unsurprisingly the BMC also handles very aggressively, but still does a good job holding a line on fast downhills. Acceleration is similarly right down the middle, erring a little more on the quicker than softer side. The included behind-the-saddle storage is a nice bonus, as it accentuates the frame’s (and cables’) clean lines. For those who want a well-balanced bike to go from sprint to iron-distance, and not need many upgrades along the way, the Timemachine 02 is a smart bet.

20.59 lbs. (size large)