A2 Bikes Speed Phreak

The Draw: Super aggressive setup with a beginner price

For under $2k, A2’s direct-to-consumer model provides triathletes with an extremely aggressive carbon bike, right out of the box. The Speed Phreak’s setup has a moderately smooth ride, tight handling around corners, and surprisingly excellent straight-line stability—even at speed. While it’s not the snappiest bike we tested, it’s certainly on par for most setups in this price range. Pairing budget componentry (105 derailleurs) with a very smooth-riding frame makes this an excellent short-course ride, and because the “bones” of this bike are already so aggressive, this is a great place to start and build upgrades around. Just be aware that because it’s direct-to-consumer, purchasers will need to assemble—and more importantly fit—the Speed Phreak themselves or with the help of a shop. Given the aggressive nature of this front end, an expert fit is strongly recommended.

21.1 lbs. (size large)