Ask A Gear Guru: What Are The Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes?

All hope is not lost (yet) for getting a good multisport gift for the triathlete you love. We’re here to help.

Ok, maybe work-from-home has been more hectic than you thought—Zoom calls where you can’t shop and nod approvingly at the same time. Or maybe you kept circling the same pair of running shoes until they sold out (this would you if you were interested in my favorite pair of shoes this year, the UA HOVR Machina Off-roads). Or maybe you got wind of your giftee’s disproportionately large/thoughtful purchase for you, and you’re starting to have second thoughts about what you bought weeks ago—now’s the time to pad that gift-giving with something good and multisport-specific before you end up with the dreaded “IOU” card. 

We’ve hand-picked a pile of last-minute gifts that will arrive by Christmas from companies who say they can deliver before that day of giving. But of course, be sure to double-check and make sure your possible gift can make it to where you live in time. Read on (quickly), and save your gift-giving soul. (If you’re looking for other ideas, check out our complete Holiday Gift Guide.)

Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes: Book

The Triathlete Guide to Sprint and Olympic Triathlon Racing

If you’re thinking that your giftee will want to try their first short-course triathlon next year, this is a great way to drop the hint. If your giftee is an established triathlete, but maybe they’ve battled injury or burnout at long-course, the advanced-level plans in this book will show them the short-course light. It’s also written by one of the most knowledgeable (and prolific and handsome) writers in the sport. Order soon with Amazon Prime for delivery by Christmas Eve.

Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes: Goggles

FORM Goggles

We’ve been touting how much of a game-changer these goggles can be for almost a year. If you haven’t heard yet, FORM goggles give you a heads-up display inside the lenses with lots of important swim data. In the pool, you can see pace at each flip turn, time, stroke rate, even rest intervals if you input your workout in beforehand. In the open-water, you can pair these goggles with a compatible GPS smartwatch and know exactly how far and fast you’re going in real time. It also now works in real time with certain heart-rate monitors. Buy before Dec. 20, and get free expedited shipping.

Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes: Wetsuit

Synergy Volution

This is a wetsuit that scored high marks in the budget category in this year’s wetsuit roundup—easy entry/exit, no chafing through the neck or arm area, and good feel for the water. If the triathlete in your life doesn’t have a wetsuit, this is a great place to start, as it certainly won’t break the bank, and you won’t miss many features for a few seasons. If he or she has a wetsuit, then look into the sleeveless version as a great addition to their neoprene quiver. Order soon with Amazon Prime for delivery by Christmas Eve.

Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes: Running Shoes

Merrell Nova 2 Rainbow

The Nova 2’s are an excellent minimalist trail shoe from Merrell that works well for all the but the longest offroad runs. This version is inspired by the Rainbow Mountains (called Vinicunca) of the northern Andes in Peru (look it up, they’re amazing). We like the glovelike fit of this low-profile runner, and this limited-edition pair makes a great story to go along with the great gift—maybe even inspiration for a future trip! Choose free express shipping by 12/20 to make it by Christmas Eve.

Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes: Cycling Helmet

Giro Vanquish MIPS Cycling Helmet

There’s no better gift for the triathlete in your life than something that will make them both faster and safer. This aero-road helmet works well for training and racing, with an aerodynamic design and included, detachable Zeiss visor. Not only is it speedy and ventilated (it has 10 vents for cooling), but it also uses MIPS technology that is meant to prevent or reduce concussions when in a crash. Order soon with Amazon Prime for delivery by Christmas Eve.

Best Last-Minute Gifts For Triathletes: Super Soft Pants

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

Triathletes may do a lot of work, but they also need to put in a lot of recovery. For a holiday season where we’ll be staying in more often than not, it’s time to invest in a comfy pair of pants for lounging. This pair of super comfy, tapered-leg pants are amazing for not-training, and the included pocket features serve as excellent Zoom meeting “work” trousers for when you’re on the clock. Order by noon 12/19 with last-chance shipping for delivery by Christmas Eve.