The world of tech is now helping us live our best nutritional lives. Presenting our guide to gadgets designed to make you healthier.

Core; free, premium version with added detail is $12/per plan or $100/year

Not all races, or racers, are the same. The Core app makes coming up with a bespoke plan easy. Enter your stats, set a goal for each section, and add preferences for carb intake and hydration. The app then factors in the weather forecast and menu at your race’s aid stations and spits out a mile-by-mile fuel plan that you can print out or add to your mobile device.

Eat2Win, iPhone and Android; free-$1/month

If you struggle with planning meals in advance, this app has your back. Fill in your stats, activity level, and any weight loss goals you have, and Eat 2 Win will create an estimate of your caloric needs–along with recipe suggestions for your meals and snacks, including vegan and pescatarian options. (Bonus: The app can suggest menu options at popular chain restaurants.)

Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender; $130

Expand your smoothie repertoire with this Bluetooth-connected blender, which features a built-in scale for precise measurements. Just fire up the connected app, pick a recipe, and follow the prompts. When you’re done, you can automatically log your liquid meal’s nutritional content into the app. Bonus: With a healthy 1200 watts of power, this blender is no toy.

Black+Decker Wi-Fi-Enabled 6-Quart Slower Cooker; $50

Slow cookers can take forever, but this smart cooker gets around that hurdle by connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, enabling users to swap between three temperature settings and toggle the power on the go. The payoff? A warm dinner waiting for you when you get home from your workout.

MyFitnessPal, iPhone and Android; free-$10/month

Search for your meals and snacks in this app’s vast user-sourced database, and MyFitnessPal will track your macro- and micro-nutrient intake and mealtimes and compare it to your goals in an easy-to-parse weekly digest. Better yet, hook up your MapMyRun, TrainingPeaks, or Garmin Connect account and log your workouts for a complete bird’s-eye view of how you’re training.