The Draw: Unique hub design

(40mm depth)

The asymmetric design of this small brand’s rear hub is certainly a conversation starter. The drive-side flange is reminiscent of the Campagnolo “Sheriff Star” hubs in size (over twice the diameter of the non-drive-side flange). Alto promises stiffness and durability as a result of the optimized spoke-bracing angle, and these wheels certainly feel stiff. The 40mm depth also means that the wheels feel nimble and surefooted, but not as noticeably fast as a deeper wheel. The relatively wide profile of the rim pushes a 25mm Continental Grand Prix 4000 II tire to 27mm, and the ride is smooth at 70 psi. The reasonable depth and hub quality make these a great set of wheels to race and train on.

1490 grams/set

Price: $2000

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