Top Pros To Race Late-Season Ironman Mont-Tremblant

Professionals on the cusp of qualifying for Kona are using this weekend’s Ironman Mont-Tremblant in Québec, Canada to earn points.

As Aug. 23 marks the end of the qualifying period for the Ironman World Championship, professionals on the cusp of qualifying for Kona are racing Sunday’s Ironman Mont-Tremblant in Québec, Canada, to earn valuable Kona Pro Rankings points before the cutoff. Mont-Tremblant is a P-2000 race (meaning the winner earns 2,000 points) and has a $100,000 prize purse. There are only seven slots left for pro women and 10 slots for pro men.

In the men’s race, top pros such as Americans Jordan Rapp (ranked 79 in the KPR) and Matthew Russell (69) and Aussie Paul Ambrose (58) are all within reach of qualifying for Kona, even with just a podium finish and not the victory. Meanwhile, Canadian Lionel Sanders has already accepted his Kona slot with the July qualifying cutoff.

In the women’s race, Americans Mary Beth Ellis and Liz Lyles and former Kona podium finisher Liz Blatchford of Australia have all already solidified their spots on the Kona start line this October. Other women, who have not yet been offered a slot, will be vying for points to earn those last seven slots. These include American Jessie Donavan (currently ranked 51), Sarah Piampiano (37) and Jackie Hering (61).

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See the complete start list below:

*Start list updated 8/14*

Pro Men
Lionel Sanders (CAN)
Jordan Rapp (USA)
Paul Ambrose (AUS)
Justin Daerr (USA)
Matt Russell (USA)
Christophe Bastie (FRA)
Trevor Delsaut (FRA)
Thomas Gerlach (USA)
Patrice Brisindi (CAN)
James Chesson (USA)
Jason Frank (USA)
Pierre-Yves Gigou (CAN)
Dylan Gleeson (CAN)
Nigel Gray (CAN)
Chad Holderbaum (USA)
Stephen Kilshaw (CAN)
Adam Kosmicki (USA)
Peter Kotland (CZE)
Eric Limkemann (USA)
Jim Lubinski (USA)
Doug Maclean (USA)
Brendan Naef (CAN)
Patrick Wheeler (USA)

Pro Women
Sara Gross (CAN)
Mary Beth Ellis (USA)
Jessie Donavan (USA)
Liz Blatchford (AUS)
Jackie Hering (USA)
Liz Lyles (USA)
Sarah Piampiano (USA)
Anne Basso (FRA)
Jacqui Gordon (USA)
Carly Johann (USA)
Heather Leiggi (USA)
Caroline Martineau (CAN)
Carrie McCoy (USA)
Tami Ritchie (USA)
Lisa Roberts (USA)
Maggie Rusch (USA)
Laura Siddall (GBR)
Caroline St. Pierre (CAN)
Kathryn Thomas (USA)
Karen Thibodeau (CAN)