Sarah Haskins Takes Title at 2011 ITU Triathlon World Cup in Monterrey, Mexico

By Jennifer Purdie

The chase for ITU points continued on Sunday, May 8, 2011 in Monterrey, Mexico at the 2011 ITU Triathlon World Cup series where a full field of 150 athletes from 34 nations competed. American Sarah Haskins won the women’s race, which is her first World Cup of 2011. She launched her season at the 2011 Clermont ITU Sprint Triathlon Pan American Cup.

In Mexico’s third largest city, the heat was so extreme start times had to be pushed back 30 minutes for the women and men, although the men would be challenged the most, as the race for them didn’t start until 11am. The women started at 8am.

In the women’s race, at the swim finish it was Pamela Oliveira of Brazil, Haskins and Akane Tsuchihashi of Japan out of the water in the first pack. Oliveira’s swim split was 19:03 and headed into T1 with a time of 19:57.

Out on the bike course, Tsuchihashi struggled to keep up and fell back from the lead pack. Haskins and Flora Duffy of Great Britain were able to break away.. The chase pack included Oliveira and Claudia Rivas of Mexico. Haskins maintained her lead and was first off the bike with a time of 1:29:03 into T2, after eight laps on the course.

The women then had a four lap, paved, nearly flat run course. Haskins held onto the lead, but lost 16 seconds on the first lap. The lead chaser was Anne Haug of Germany, but Al Ueda of Japan made a strong surge towards Haskins near the end and it was a sprint to the finish. Haskins won by six seconds, followed by Ueda and Haug.

2011 ITU Triathlon World Cup-Monterrey, Mexico

May 8, 2011

Swim 1.5K, Bike: 40K, Run 10K

Women’s Results

1.    Sarah Haskins, 1:57:15

2.    Al Ueda, 1:57:21

3.    Anne Haug, 1:57:27

4.    Helle Frederiksen, 1:57:29

5.    Gwen Jorgensen, 1:57:33

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