Pre-Race From Pucón

Triathlete Editor-at-Large Holly Bennett shares photos from her first day in Pucón, Chile.

An estimated 120 athletes participated in the promotional race today in Pucón, swimming 375m, cycling 10km and running 2.5km through a foggy morning to finish what was, for many, a first taste of the sport of triathlon. Athletes gearing up to race in Sunday’s main event were on hand to cheer their spouses, friends and family members who enjoyed an opportunity to participate in the fun and friendly event where raffle prizes took the place of podium awards. Immediately following the promotional race, the kids’ race kicked into gear with over 300 youngsters ranging from 7-19 years old getting in on the action. Check out our Pucón photo gallery for a glimpse of today’s competition – and more images throughout the weekend.

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