Mirinda Carfrae Reveals Broken Bone Ahead of Ironman World Championship

The three-time champ says that the swim will be her biggest challenge in Kona.

Three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae is considered one of the threats to take the title back from Daniela Ryf at this year’s Ironman World Championship. What would already be considered a tough task will be even more difficult for Carfrae as she revealed on social media a couple of days ago that she is recovering from a radius fracture in her elbow.

Carfrae was in Northern California preparing to compete at Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz when she stumbled on a pre-race run, she revealed on her YouTube channel with husband Tim O’Donnell.

“I went out for a very easy 20-minute jog,” Carfrae said of her run on the Friday before the event. “I was running on a concrete path along the ocean and thinking how beautiful it was and how happy I was to be there and then bam, I fell on nothing. I think I just didn’t pick my foot up enough and kind of just tripped on my feet. I fell pretty hard. I was more embarrassed than anything.”

Carfrae ended up dropping out of the 70.3 Santa Cruz race after an urgent care X-ray revealed the broken bone. Once back home in Boulder, Carfrae’s doctor told her that it would take about six weeks to heal; at that point, the Ironman World Championship was just five weeks away. She says she’s been able to run without pain, and has been cycling on a trainer with the hopes of getting back on the roads soon.

The swim has been her biggest challenge. “I’m slowly moving through the pool, but I can’t really put any pressure on my left arm just yet so that’s not ideal preparation for Kona,” Carfrae explains. “But in all my years of racing, I’ve never had an injury that has taken me out of training for a few days. This is really a first.”

“I’ll still be on the starting line of Kona,” she continues. “Me of all people can’t afford to really be swimming any slower, but I’ll probably – I’d say definitely- be slower than normal out of the water. But I’ve trained all year for this race and I feel that I’ll be able to get through the swim OK and I’ll be able to put together a bike and run, and you never know. Magical things have happened on that island before and I’m hopeful that I can create some magic again.”

O’Donnell also revealed in the video that he’s been battling a foot injury over the past few weeks, but is back to running.

The two are fan favorites and always considered contenders for the Kona podium. Check back to as we continue to provide pre-race coverage.