Matt Reed Chats About This Weekend’s Ironman 70.3 California Race

Matt Reed is ready for the Oceanside 70.3. Senior editor Jennifer Purdie chatted with him on this upcoming race, his vertical advantages and the new challenge of the 140.6.

Matt Reed is ready for the Oceanside 70.3. Senior editor Jennifer Purdie chatted with him on this upcoming race, his vertical advantages and the new challenge of the 140.6. Click here for more coverage from the Ironman 70.3 California triathlon. Oceanside has been a good race for you. How are you feeling about the competition this year?

Reed won the 2009 Ironman 70.3 California race. Photo: Kurt Hoy

Reed: Oceanside is an awesome event with a stellar field. I am excited as always to race it. Most important for me is to just pay attention to my race and do what I do. You’ve stated on Twitter that you haven’t been feeling well. How are you doing with just a few days before the race?

Reed: I got sick the night before Miami so had to get well and have an easy week. I have come around better than expected and feel that it was a good thing to have gotten sick just to realize I overdid the training leading into Miami. You started off the year in Costa Rica. How was the inaugural Rev3 Tri?

Reed: To be honest I didn’t enjoy it. Rev3 always put on a great race for everybody and they are always really challenging courses. It is a tad bit too early in the season for me coming from winter. You then went to Miami, which was also the first of the 5150 races. With this race behind you, what are your thoughts on this new format?

Reed: 5150 is going to be really competitive due to the fact everyone wants a start at Hy-vee tri in Des Moines. So Miami was filled with a lot of fast guys as I expect the next 5150s to be as well. You finished your first Ironman in Arizona last year and according to your 2011 schedule, you are planning to do Hawaii and Arizona. So what it is about the 140.6 distance that interests you?

Reed: I’m enjoying the challenge. It is a hell of a long race. I would like to be competitive in all distances. Kona is something you just have to do in a professional triathlon career. It’s the race everyone asks or talks about, so to say I haven’t done it is like a void in my career. At 6’5″, you are obviously taller than your competitors. How do you use your height to your advantage?

Reed: I am big so I need to be strong. Strength is a great weapon that I believe has served me well in the short races and will especially in the longer races. What is your schedule like on race morning in terms of nutrition, how early you wake up before a race, anything special you do?

Reed: Race morning is nothing special. I don’t eat too much in a race that I know will be under two hours. I usually wake up two hours before the race then eat two pieces of toast or a bagel or one or two packets of oatmeal. I take one gel 20 minutes before the race. For a 70.3, two times as much as an Olympic. Anything else you want to add?

Reed: Asics shoes is a welcome new edition to my sponsors as everyone knows they make the best running shoes, so I’m very happy about that. Champion-system race suits are amazing, best in the business. I am very proud of my sponsors we all work great together. I have been with a lot of my sponsors for a long time and that’s how I like it. Loyalty is important to me. Sometimes it doesn’t workout, which is why 2011 saw a change to a few companies this year. I am pleased to be with some of the best triathlon companies and can’t wait to start winning for them in 2011.