Katie Zaferes Claims Super League Triathlon Trophy

American Katie Zafares narrowly lost in a sprint finish, but easily took the overall series championship.

After an intense weekend of racing at the Super League Triathlon in Singapore, France’s Cassandre Beaugrand took the weekend title with the United States’ Katie Zaferes claiming the overall series’ title based on her success in the overall series.

Day One: Eliminator

The Eliminator is a savage format with three rounds of swim-bike-run, with a 10-min break in between the rounds. Between each round, athletes are eliminated if they do not finish high enough up the order, or fall too far behind. Only the top 15 from Stage 1 go through to the second round, and the top 10 from Stage 2 go through to the final round.

Stage 1 Results
1. Emma Jeffcoat (AUS)
2. Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA)
3. Léonie Périault (FRA)

Stage 2 Results
1. Rachel Klamer (NED) & Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA)
2. Léonie Périault (FRA)

Stage 3 Results
1. Katie Zaferes (USA)
2. Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA)
3. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS)

Day Two: Enduro

This format consists of swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run, with no break. The race decided the final standings for the weekend and the final standings in the 2018/19 series.

USA’s Katie Zaferes was looking unbeatable after her victory yesterday, but the rest of the field were looking to capture their own moment of glory. With no break in the race, it was a test of endurance and stamina.

In the end, it came down to a photo finish, with France’s Cassandre Beaugrand taking the victory from Zaferes by millimeters. The Netherlands’ Rachel Klamer came home a close third, rounding off the podium.

These results meant Beaugrand took the top step for Super League Singapore, but the overall Championship title went to Zaferes.

Woman’s Enduro Results
1. Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA)
2. Katie Zaferes (USA)
3. Rachel Klamer (NED)

Super League Singapore Final Standings
1. Cassandre Beaugrand
2. Katie Zaferes
3. Rachel Klamer

Series Champion: Katie Zaferes

Final Standings
1. Katie Zaferes (USA) 113 pts
2. Rachel Klamer (NED) 76 pts
3. Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA) 65 pts
4. Taylor Spivey (USA) 62 pts
5. Kirsten Kasper (USA) 51 pts
6. Summer Rappaport (USA) 50 pts
7. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) 34 pts
8. Yuko Takahashi (JPN) 31 pts
9. Emma Jeffcoat (AUS) 30 pts
10. Leonie Periault (FRA) 28 pts

“Super League makes you better all-around. You have to work on every little thing—both physically and mentally and even emotionally. It’s high pressure coming into this race, and I knew I had to perform well. I think it sets me up well for the rest of the season. I am really happy with where I am.”