Jodie Swallow To Take On Olympic Qualifying And Long Course In 2011

Jodie Swallow talks to about her goals for 2011, which include becoming the best all-around triathlete possible.

Jodie Swallow talks to about her goals for 2011, which include becoming the best all-around triathlete possible.

Swallow won the 2009 ITU Long Course World Championship. Photo: Delly Carr/
Swallow won the 2009 ITU Long Course World Championship. Photo: Delly Carr/

Jodie Swallow has been on a dominant swing lately, winning the 70.3 world championships last year and opening her season with a win at Ironman 70.3 South Africa. She agreed to answer a few questions that Inside Triathlon editor-in-chief Courtney Baird had for her. What’s life been like since you won Clearwater?

Jodie Swallow: All has been pretty good. I went home to visit my parents for a while, but not much partying can proceed when you live in the country with your mum, so I just had time chilling out and enjoying the freezing weather. Home is harder for me than camp is because I know the training world far better than the normal one. I then went out to La Santa with the Great Britain team and then came out here to Port Elizabeth [South Africa] on Boxing Day. South Africa has been amazing. I’ve had a problem with my foot whilst I’ve been here but other than that I’m very happy at the moment. You pretty much dominated in Clearwater—were you expecting that or was it surprising to you?

Swallow: I think if you are expecting to dominate then you are preparing for a beating. I’m confident in my own ability, so it wasn’t a surprise. I try to race with a clear head these days and accept what develops. Is it safe to say that you’re going to focus on the longer distance races now or do you still have London 2012 in your sights?

Swallow: My focus is to become the best all around triathlete that I can—that would include the Olympics, 70.3 and probably Ironman too. I’m 29 so I have limited time to enjoy winning in this sport. You’ve had a ton of success since you’ve teamed up with Brett Sutton. What do you think has most contributed to your success with him?

Swallow: Brett gets me. I’m not gonna say I get Brett sometimes, but I do trust him and to be honest I have probably trusted too many of the wrong people in my life. It works because I know I trust the right one What are your goals for this year and further into the future?

Swallow: My focus is to become the best all round triathlete that I can—repetitive but that really is my goal. I want to be able to say I raced just maybe two years of my career at 95 percent fitness. Now that you have won in Clearwater, do you think you’ll step up to Kona one day and try to win it?

Swallow: I’m sure I will. I hope to. It’s an amazing feat—maybe the ultimate and I’m lucky to have Bek [Rebekah] Keat and Xena [Caroline] Steffan in my team, Team TBB, around me to be inspired by as brilliant Ironmen. You are one of many extremely successful British triathletes (Chrissie Wellington, Julie Dibens, the Brownlees, Stu Hayes, just to name a few). Why do you think there are so many outstanding British triathletes nowadays?

Swallow: I think we were probably inspired by the likes of [Simon] Lessing and by Tim Don—I certainly was. Then there is the start we had with funding—back in the day—and then getting chucked off funding, which in itself acts as a motivator. We are all very different people so I don’t think there is a personality thread. You’ve raced for Poissy for a few years. Are you going to race for them again this year?

Swallow: I have—the French Grand Prix calendar is brilliant for financial help, teamwork and top-class competition. I loved racing for Poissy. I love the parties we have in late season, too. This year it is a no-go because I’m trying to work well at three distances and also add in a non-drafting American series. To add in French Grand Prix would interrupt training for the other circuits Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Swallow: Ummm…not really! Just to say thanks to Team TBB and that you girls better watch out—our team is pretty damn hot this year!