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Jan Frodeno On World Record Attempt: “I’m Fascinated By This Time”

World champions, defending champions and podium hopefuls assembled in Roth, Germany this morning for a press conference.

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World champions, defending champions and podium hopefuls assembled in Roth, Germany this morning for a press conference to officially kick off race week activities at Challenge Roth. Here’s what the best in our sport had to say:

The Men

Jan Frodeno (GER)
“My legs are good and the weather is supposed to be perfect, so my aim is to try and beat the world record. I’m fascinated by this time. But of course it’s something different talking about it and then doing it. But I’ve never been one to be shy about talking about my goals. The first goal is to win the race. If I finish in 7:40 and Nils finishes in 7:39, then it means nothing.”

“The big events, the special moments like Solar Berg hillthese are the things that are lasting and motivating and that I honestly look at more than titles. The 100’s of thousands of spectators cheering and pushing you onthat gives me goosebumps!”

“I won’t change my race plan, if you’re familiar with my races over the past years. I’ll stay with my plan and have my very own race and then toward the end look at the clock and what’s possible time-wise. At the start I’ll look more at doing a clever race set up, and at the end more at the time.”

Nils Frommhold (GER)
“The situation has changed a little bit compared to last year, but being more in the background it is a little easier for me. I’m looking forward to the race again. I’m trying to repeat what led to the success last yearnever change a winning system. I’m in good shape and will do my best. Whether that will be enough is another story, but I’d like to be here as champion again.”

“It’s great that we have the World Champion here, and it’s great that Jan has plans that he’s clearly announced. I wouldn’t mind winning in world record time, too! I see myself as the hunter this year. But it’s not just a duel; there are several favorites in the race with Cyril, Jan Raphael, Tylerthey are all factors and we will all do our best.

Jan Raphael (GER)
“It’s the fifth time for me being here, but I’ve only been as a spectator before. So far as an athlete it’s a great impression and I’m very excited.”

“I’ve never picked my races based on the other participants, but I like to race against the best and people like Jan and Nils are the people I want to compete against. Also I want to try and race below eight hours, so that gives me great motivation. Roth has been a dream for the last 15 years. As a German triathlete, you must do Roth!”

Cyril Viennot (FRA)
“I feel like I’m an outsider here when you look at the field. To be on the podium would be amazing.”

“It’s my second race in Roth. In 2010 I did it and it was my first long distance race. I have very good memories. It was a fantastic race for me and gave me the opportunity to be a full time professional, so it is very special to me and very important to be back here.”

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The Women

Daniela Ryf (SUI)
“I’m happy to be here. It was a spontaneous decision. After Frankfurt I wanted to do something else. I had heard so much about this race and the atmosphere, and it’s been a dream to participate. I was surprised that the possibility opened up suddenly, and now I’m looking at it as a real challenge and I can’t wait.”

“I think it would be too early to say that I’m on a level where I really can go all out from start to finish. Maybe it’s positive that I don’t have that in my mind and will just focus on what I can do. But the idea of being able to be as fast as the amazing Chrissie Wellington sometime in the future is my greatest goal. I don’t think it’s realistic for this Sunday, but it is a dream of mine for some day.”

“Pressure as an athlete is something you put on yourself. That is something you have to deal with. I don’t just do this sport to win, but to get the best out of myself and to challenge myself. So that is what I need to focus onwhy I do this sport. And that relieves the pressure.”

“I see a lot of competition here and I don’t think I’ll be alone on my bike!”

Yvonne Van Vlerken (NED)
“Challenge Roth is always something special, whether it’s the sixth time you are here like myself or the 10th time or whateverso it is always goosebumps right from the start! I guarantee that.”

“I’ve put a major focus on this race and have reduced the number of races I normally do, so I feel very relaxed, which is not always true for me.”

“Everyone here knows me as an emotional and honest girl. I prepared for this race for months and considered every aspect of this race and of my competitors. And then on Monday I learned Daniela would be here. She wasn’t part of my plan! So yes, that was a surprise. Of course that changes everything. We know she is so strong, but if she makes even one mistake we will be ready!”

“I received messages from people saying they would but beer in Daniela’s water bottles and things like that! But I wish her all the best success.”

Anja Beranek (GER)
“I feel great. I had great preparationno injuries, and I went to the Alps to train. I’m always open for new elements. I’m looking forward to learn how that has affected me and I feel well prepared for the great day.”

“My focus this year has been on the run. I still struggle somewhat on the marathon because I am not at the very top, but as an athlete that’s the kind of thing that gives me motivation to improve. I have a great team and they give me honest feedbacksometimes not what I want to hear! But I’m very excited to work hard and try to better myself.”

“Success for me would be to be faster than last year. I’d love a podium spot, but there are only three of those, so we will see.”

Carrie Lester (AUS)
“In May last year this race wasn’t on my calendar, but there were a series of events that happened that put it on my calendar and it was actually one I had been wanting to do since 2009. I came and had a great day, and really since last year I’ve been dreaming of coming back, because last year I didn’t quite feel that I got the most out of myself.”

“The atmosphere here is something I haven’t experienced at any other race, even a world championship. It’s unlike anything else. You put this race on the calendar because you want to come back for the experience and not just for the race.”

“Daniela has put a spanner in everyone’s plans. But we’re all going to go out there on Sunday and race how we’ve planned to race. Last year I had numbers in mind and I was a little off those numbers, so I will shoot for them again this year. If those numbers get me on the podium, that’s great. But if I still hit those numbers and I’m not on the podium, well then it was a fast year for the race! There’s nothing I can do about that.”

Michelle Vesterby (DEN)
“I really wanted to come back and have payback time. Because when I finished eighth it wasn’t my best performance-wise. So I’ve practiced all year to be back here.”

“It’s been an exciting time since last year and Kona. I work now with Luc Van Lierde as my coach, who has a really fast time here. We started working together in 2014 and last year we started to really get the benefit from training together. I feel better than ever so I can’t wait to see what happens.”

“It was a surprise on Monday to see Daniela on the start list. I have someone to hunt out there! It will not be easy for you, Daniela!”

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