Triathlete LIVE Kona Special: Dave Scott and Mark Allen

Dave Scott and Mark Allen were their typically humorous selves as they answered questions relating to the Iron War, as well as offering coaching and training advice.

Ironman legends Dave Scott and Mark Allen joined us for our Triathlete LIVE Kona Special here on the Big Island this morning, in partnership with Gatorade Endurance. During the live chat, they gave us their unique insights into the race that cemented their place in Ironman history—the 1989 Ironman World Championship race—AKA the Iron War. The pair, both six-time Ironman world champions, raced shoulder-to-shoulder that day in an epic battle that revealed the true intensity of their rivalry. In this Q&A, Scott and Allen were their typically humorous selves as they answered questions relating to that infamous race 30 years ago, as well as offering coaching and training advice applicable to all, including how to race well in Kona and their signature Ironman workouts.

All time stamps approximate

4:30 – Dave Scott’s Iron War race strategy
“I don’t really need to have this escort service.” – referring to Mark bumping into him throughout the race

5:46 – Words were exchanged. Dave and Scott will not say exactly what they were…

7:41 – Mark was trying to match Dave stride for stride

9:33 – Dave sees his baby on the course which helps him surge

11:04 – Emma-Kate tells Dave and Mark they were a hot mess 6 weeks out from the historic 1989 race

13:00 – Mark talks about the 1989 Project, where he and Dave share candid stories about that race they’ve never told before. (The reason Emma-Kate knew they were a hot mess.)

14:26 – Dave and Mark’s podium picks for 2019

17:15 – Mark on the complexity of racing in Kona

18:39 – Do they think the current course is easier than the old course?

21:14 – Advice for first-time Kona racers

24 – Thoughts on using power on the bike and how that affects the race

28:26 – Who is the course best suited for? Great swimmers, bikers, or runners?

28:45 – Where should you recover on course?

31:45 – Will they race Kona again?

34 – What makes a Kona winner?

37:30 – How do you prepare mentally for the race?

40:45 – Mark forgets the question, has a moment with Dave

41:20 – How do they feel coming back to Kona?

44 – How has the race changed over the years? For better or worse?

46 – Go-to brick workouts

48:40 – What would they do differently now, knowing what they know now?