Ironman Offers Pros First Round Of Kona Slots

The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) has offered 41 pro men and 27 pro women the opportunity to register for the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii based on their placement in the Kona Pro Rankings.

The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) has offered 41 pro men and 27 pro women the opportunity to register for the 2011 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii based on their placement in the Kona Pro Rankings.

American Tim O'Donnell sits atop the men's rankings. Photo: Paul Phillips

There are a few key names missing from the list of 65 athletes. On the men’s side, Terenzo Bozzone of New Zealand sits in the 50th position and was not yet offered a spot. Germany’s Michael Raelert is also outside of the top 40 and has not completed the Ironman race necessary to even make him eligible for Kona qualifying. Michael’s brother, Andreas, sits in the 13th spot, but will not be offered a July qualifying spot because he has yet to complete an Ironman. He announced that he will make the start this weekend at Ironman Regensburg, but will take his time and donate a certain amount of money to charity for each athlete that finishes ahead of him. Regardless, simply crossing the finish line in Regensburg will give Andreas his Kona spot. The most notable name missing from the list is defending Ironman world champion Chris McCormack. McCormack is going after a spot on Australia’s 2012 London Olympic Team and has no intention of making the start in Kona.

Because both McCormack and Andreas Raelert failed to validate their spots with an Ironman race and Craig Alexander gets an automatic qualifier spot thanks to his Kona wins in 2008 and 2009 (and the fact that he validated his spot with a finish at Ironman Coeur d’Alene), the slots rolled down to Australia’s Matthew White in the 43rd position.

With only 25 women earning spots, there are quite a few notable names missing from the qualifying list. Germany’s Diana Riesler, New Zealand’s Joanna Lawn, Australia’s Belinda Granger and the United States’ Desiree Ficker, Hillary Biscay, Meredith Kessler and Mary Beth Ellis all failed to make the cutoff. Despite two Ironman wins during the qualifying period, three-time Ironman world champion Chrissie Wellington is also outside of the top 25 but will earn a spot because she has won the Kona race within the last five years. Because defending champion Mirinda Carfrae of Australia is an automatic qualifier (and validated her spot with a finish at Ironman New Zealand), the 26th woman on the list, Samantha Warriner of New Zealand, earned the final spot.

The athletes have until Aug. 7th to accept their slots and then they will be rolled down to the next qualified athletes. Additionally, 10 more men and five more women will be offered slots as the final qualifiers on Aug. 31.

See the complete rankings below:

Men (Ranking Name Country Points)

Al-Sultan propelled himself up the rankings with his win at the Ironman European Championship. Photo provided by Abu Dhabi Triathlon Team.

1. Timothy O’Donnell USA 7520
2. Raynard Tissink ZAF 7240
3. Eneko Llanos ESP 7100
4. Faris Al-sultan DEU 7060
5. Marino Vanhoenacker BEL 6900
6. Jan Raphael DEU 6800
7. Luke Bell AUS 6515
8. Eduardo Sturla ARG 6380
9. Timo Bracht DEU 6300
10. Craig Alexander AUS 6190 (an automatic qualifier who does not count towards the 40 slots)
11. Jozsef Major HUN 6120
12. Chris Mccormack AUS 6000 (has not completed the necessary Ironman)
13. Andreas Raelert DEU 5900 (has not completed the necessary Ironman)
14. Peter Jacobs AUS 5650
15. Cameron Brown NZL 5380
16. Frederik Van Lierde BEL 5290
17. Petr Vabrousek CZE 5200
18. Ronnie Schildknecht CHE 5165
19. Maik Twelsiek DEU 5070
20. Luke Mckenzie AUS 4965
21. Mathias Hecht CHE 4925
22. Ben Hoffman USA 4910
23. Michael Weiss AUT 4905
24. Tj Tollakson USA 4870
25. Patrick Vernay FRA 4790
26. Axel Zeebroek BEL 4710
27. Chris Lieto USA 4680
28. Andy Potts 4400
29. Balazs Csoke HUN 4360
30. Patrick Evoe USA 4345
31. Sergio Marques PRT 4200
32. James Cunnama ZAF 4160
33. Dirk Bockel LUX 4100
34. Rasmus Henning DNK 4020
35. Michael Goehner DEU 3890
36. Tom Lowe GBR 3790
37. Mike Schifferle CHE 3760
38. Michael Lovato USA 3650
39. Joe Gambles AUS 3535
40. Cyril Viennot FRA 3500
41. Paul Amey GBR 3380
42. Daniel Fontana ITA 3200
43. Matthew White AUS 3115

Women (Ranking Name Country Points)

Mirinda Carfrae and Chrissie Wellington are automatic qualifiers because they've won the Ironman World Championship within the last five years. Photo: Delly Carr

1. Caroline Steffen CHE 12650
2. Yvonne Van Vlerken NLD 9070
3. Mirinda Carfrae AUS 8965 (an automatic qualifier who does not count towards the 25 slots)
4. Karin Thuerig CHE 7710
5. Tyler Stewart USA 7480
6. Leanda Cave GBR 7470
7. Julie Dibens GBR 7400
8. Heleen Bij De Vaate NLD 7180
9. Kelly Williamson USA 7030
10. Amy Marsh USA 6920
11. Rachel Joyce GBR 6760
12. Sonja Tajsich DEU 6275
13. Catriona Morrison GBR 6250
14. Silvia Felt DEU 6170
15. Heather Wurtele CAN 6165
16. Erika Csomor HUN 6120
17. Virginia Berasategui ESP 6050
18. Tine Deckers BEL 5870
19. Lucie Zelenkova CZE 5805
20. Sofie Goos BEL 5630
21. Kate Bevilaqua AUS 5525
22. Kim Loeffler USA 5410
23. Caitlin Snow USA 5305
24. Linsey Corbin USA 5245
25. Amanda Stevens USA 5160
26. Samantha Warriner NZL 5035

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