Held on one of the seven Canary Islands belonging to Spain, the 20th Ironman Lanzarote takes place this weekend

Held on one of the seven Canary Islands belonging to Spain, the 20th Ironman Lanzarote takes place this weekend

Ironman Lanzarote takes place on Saturday, May 21, 2011 in the Canary Islands—a group of volcanic islands once thought to be remnants of the lost city of Atlantis. The most easterly of the seven islands, Lanzarote is arguably one of the most picturesque and peculiar places on earth. Its unique volcanic landscape is a stark contrast to the long stretches of white sandy beaches. The government does not allow billboard advertising and high rise buildings, which allows residents and visitors alike to feel as though that they are truly secluded. It is also a popular locale for triathlon training camps.

Saturday’s race will include 1,500 athletes from all over the world and over 4,000 volunteers. It awards 55 qualifying slots to top age-group finishers and is a 1000-points qualifying race for the pros. The total prize purse is $25,000. No Americans are on the pro list—mostly European pros entered this race to chase Kona points due to Lanzarote’s close proximity to their home training grounds.

The swim course takes place at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen, the main tourist resort of the island. It is a two-lap-course with a short running passage between the two laps.

The bike course takes athletes all over the island and includes 2,551 meters of climbing. It has a notorious reputation for its strong winds and challenging terrain.

Athletes will then end the race on a three-loop run course over the flat seafront along the Avenida de Las Playas. Heat will be a factor, but runners will be greeted with ocean views and thousands of cheering spectators.

Professional Lineup


Timo Bracht

Gregorio Caceres Morales

Nicholas Peter Ward Muñoz

Alvaro Velazquez

Victor Del Corral Morales

Konstantin Bachor

Esben Hovgaard

Damien Landon

Dirk Wijnalda

Paul Hawkins

Christian Nitschke

Bo Ballegaard

Fernando Cuenllas

Iván Tejero Vázquez

Joel Jameson

Markus Mlinar

Jerzy Kasemier

Aleksandar Sørensen-Markovic

Erich Kunz


Natascha Badmann

Nicole Woysch

Joanna Carritt

Kate Bevilaqua

Heidi Jesberger

Ute Streiter

Emma Ruth Smith

Karina Ottosen

Esther De Vries