Day Four From The Deca-Ironman

Photographer Benoit Beauchamp provides recaps, photos and results from the Deca-Ironman in Monterrey, Mexico.

With three days in the books, athletes have seven more grueling days to complete. Last night, Matej Markovic from Slovenia was once again the first to cross the finish line with a time of 10:43:10, giving him a combined time of 31:49:08. He was followed by Ferenc Szonyi from Hungary and Beñat Zubilaga from Spain. Now on day four, we’ve seen some athletes starting to slow down. The athletes are aware of how much 10 Ironmans can affect their body, and they want to make sure that they have some energy reserved for the final two to three days.

In addition to the Deca-Ironman, there are four other athletes working to complete a variation of the event. Marcel Heinig of Germany is aiming to complete 50 Olympic-distance events in 10 days. So far he has kept on the necessary pace of completing at least five races per day. Additionally, Silvia And one from Mexico is doing one half-Ironman per day for the 10-day period. Her daughter, Gisele Andonie is aiming to complete an Olympic-distance triathlon for each of the 10 days. Finally, we have Arthur Puckin of England. Puckin is working towards completing an Ironman every other day over the 10 days in hopes of completing four Ironmans. He is the oldest competitor out here at 71-years-old.

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