Day Five From The Deca-Ironman

Photographer Benoit Beauchamp provides recaps, photos and results from the Deca-Ironman in Monterrey, Mexico.

The athletes at the front of the pack, Ferenc Szonyi and Matej Markovic, have just started their marathon on the fifth day of competition. Matej Markovic continues to hold the overall lead. Here are the combined times of the top-four athletes:

1. Matej Markovic 10:28:23, 10:37:35, 10:43:10, 11:01:26, Total – 42:50:34

2. Pascal Joly 10:56:06, 11:43:03, 11:36:34, 11:31:06, Total -45:40:00

3. Ferenc Szonyi 10:46:45, 11:38:57, 11:26:34, 11:51:18,
Total – 45:43:34

4. Beñat Zubilaga 10:52:50, 11:51:03, 11:18:40, 11:56:38, Total – 45:58:11

There is now a clear divide between the stronger and weaker athletes. While some athletes are starting to significantly slow, there are a few who are actually picking up the pace.
Yesterday, Andreas Karall pulled out of the race. So far today, we have seen three athletes call it a day with hopes to return to the starting line tomorrow. These athletes include Michael Gaertner from Germany, Yves Beauchamp from Canada and Suraya Oliver from England. While these athletes will be unable to earn the Deca-Ironman designation, they still have a chance to accomplish a great feat by completing multiple Ironmans in a short amount of time.

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