Defending champions Andy Potts (USA) and Sarah Piampiano (USA) will return to New Orleans this weekend to try to reclaim their titles.

Defending champion Sarah Piampiano (USA) will return to New Orleans this weekend to try to reclaim her title. Piampiano’s biggest competition will come from a strong group of fellow Americans including Caitlin Snow, Amanda Stevens and Laura Bennett. American Andy Potts, who has won the last two years, has decided not to race. American Matt Chrabot is the top returning finisher and he’ll face Andrew Starykowicz (USA), TJ Tollakson (USA) and others.

*Note: Andy Potts and Brent McMahon were originally on the start list and have since decided not to race. The article has been updated for that change.

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See the complete pro start list below and check back for a recap on Sunday.

2 Matt Chrabot (USA)
4 Andrew Starykowicz (USA)
5 TJ Tollakson (USA)
7 Taylor Reid (CAN)
8 Jeremy Jurkiewicz (FRA)
9 Thomas Gerlach (USA)
10 Fabio Carvalho (BRA)
11 Colin Laughery (USA)
12 Scott Bradley (USA)
13 Aaron Gray (USA)
14 Jeremy Howard (USA)
15 Jaroslav Kovacic (SLO)
16 Denis Sketako (SLO)
17 Arturo Garza (MEX)
18 Raul Tejada (GUA)
19 Jim Lubinski (USA)
20 Daniel Harris (USA)
21 Benson Hall (USA)
22 Blake Becker (USA)
23 Ivan Tutukin (RUS)
24 Keith Kotar (USA)
25 Rodrigo Acevedo (USA)
26 Matthew Shanks (USA)
27 Rod de Kanel (FRA)
28 Brent McBurney (USA)
29 Jacob Rhyner (USA)
30 Fernando Toldi (BRA)
31 Iain Alexandridis (USA)
32 Patrick Brady (USA)

51 Sarah Piampiano (USA)
52 Caitlin Snow (USA)
53 Amanda Stevens (USA)
54 Laura Bennett (USA)
55 Amelia McCracken (USA)
57 Whitney Burdzilauskas (USA)
58 Erin Spitler (USA)
59 Kelly Fillnow (USA)
60 Molly Roohi (USA)
61 Bailey Hinz (USA)
62 Celine Schaerer (SUI)
63 Sarah Cameto (USA)
64 Nickie Luse (USA)
65 Brooke Brown (CAN)
66 Lotty Harari (PAN)
67 Amanda Wendorff (USA)
68 Maggie Rusch (USA)
69 Palmira Alvarez (USA)