Which Type of Triathlete Are You?

Take our TSAT (Triathlete Self-Assessment Test) to find out which types of triathlete you most resonate with and then learn which towns most suit your tri-personality.

Are you a dirtbag or socialite? A recluse or a multi-multisporter? Can’t decide? Read about the different types and take our quiz below. Then, head over to “A Town for Every Triathlete” to find out which towns best suit your needs!

The Dirtbag

You’re all about getting back to nature. You don’t need a lot of amenities, just great dirt roads and unending trails—though you do want access to the best granola and maybe the right kind of hammock.

The Socialite

When it comes to “social workouts” there’s a reason the “social” part is first. Sure, it’s about fun training, but it’s also about the post-run brunch and pre-ride coffee. You need a place that has people, groups, get-togethers, and a packed calendar.

The Recluse

The opposite of the socialite, you want an amazing training location—and no people. You’re looking for a secret tri destination, which you’re hoping might stay a secret.

The Year-Rounder

Winter? What’s that? Your priority is weather you can train in all year, without having to worry about ice, snow, or indoor set-ups.

The Type-A Classic

You put the “A” in Type A. You take planning and organization to the next level. You want to cram training in between working your fast-paced job, fitting in happy hour, and jetting to your next obligation.

The Multi-Multisporter

Sure you triathlon, but you also ski, backpack, throw heavy things around the gym, hike, do yoga, and maybe whatever else sounds interesting this week. When you say multisport, you really mean multi.

The Racer

Life is a race—at least for you. You’d rather have a full calendar of easy-to-get-to event options than miles of trails or training routes.

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