What Do You Love About Your Tri Town?

Calling all Triathlete readers! We want to know why your town is great for triathletes.

Just as we did last summer, we’re getting ready to feature some of the country’s top triathlon towns. The 2021 version will feature a fun twist (stay tuned!), but we still need your help in narrowing down which locations are worthy and what makes them great for triathletes.

Each town has different characteristics and perks that make it unique, so what is it that makes your tri town so special? Maybe it’s the access to killer trails. Maybe it’s an abundance of picturesque open-water swim spots. Maybe it’s a tight-knit triathlon community. Heck, it could even be amazing breweries for some post-ride beers.

You have until March 5 to tell us all about your tri town. Comments submitted in the form below may be published as part of the article. We’ve also provided a spot for your email so we can reach out (in case we need you to brag more about your town).

Look out for the results in our May/June 2021 issue of TriathleteTriathlete and Active Pass members will get the issue sent straight to their mailboxes.

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