Behind The Scenes With Craig Alexander

Triathlon legend Craig Alexander will be the new face of the Built with Chocolate Milk campaign.

When word got out that triathlon legend Craig Alexander will be the new face of the Built with Chocolate Milk campaign, we wanted to get the three-time Ironman world champion’s thoughts on the partnership. Was it destiny? You be the judge.

“My stepdad worked in a milk depot, and my first job was as a delivery boy,” Alexander says. “I used to go door to door and sign for the milk vendor. So it’s always been a part of my diet.”
And despite some questioning from fellow pros, he’s also trained with it for years.

“When I started doing triathlon, all these new drinks were
hitting the market, and I was still drinking chocolate milk on a lot of my rides,” Alexander says. “A lot of the guys I’d train with laughed at that. Then we came across an article that was written in Triathlete magazine about how Mark Allen and Dave [Scott], and a lot of the guys back in the day, used to drink it before the age of recovery drinks as a source of protein and recovery. That was all the ammunition I needed to keep doing it.

“Obviously Rinny’s part of the team as well, and she would always order a whole bunch of product and get it shipped to my place so I could drink it! I guess officially I’m part of the team this year but it’s something I’ve always done—even predating my triathlon days.”

So how often does he drink it? “When I’m in heavy training I can knock back a lot of it,” he says. “Particularly when you train for the longer races like Ironman, I’ll have one after every session.”
We were on location with Crowie while shooting a commercial for his new partnership—see the behind-the-scene photos below.

Photos: Steve Godwin