Triathletes Share Pics of Their Quaran-Team Pets

Thank goodness for our furry friends.

It’s safe to say we’re all looking for a way to keep our spirits up during this Coronavirus pandemic. One thing that’s sure to put a smile on your face? Photos of our furry friends! Inspired by Sarah True, her pup, and her “send dog pics” shirt, we asked all of you to share photos of your quaran-team pets.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite here, plus included a few bonus pet pics from the pros. Happy smiling!

The inspiration

The pig gets a 10/10


Does he do your work too?


“You’re not aero enough.” – the cat


Triple threat


The winner of the winter award


Best friend + training partner


Peak quarantine mood


We miss watching races too… sigh

@EndRsport: Watching @IRONMANtri Boulder last year.

Recovery done right


Pup shades!


Lab love


The pup knows how to recover


No more snow, please

Photo: @FrancoisBelle1

Hi, Max!


He takes recovery seriously


More of the pros’ pets

Kesley Withrow


Heather and Trevor Wurtele

Lucy Charles-Barclay

Linsey Corbin

Joe Gambles

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Coastal walk #getitwhileyoucan #costabrava

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Matt Hanson

Dede Griesbuaer

Angela Naeth

Jeanni and Justin Seymour

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Monday Mood πŸ’—

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Cam Wurf

Ben Kanute

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