#TriathleteLive: Sam Long and Tyler Butterfield on Bike Training, Gear Disasters, and Making It as a Pro

Tyler Butterfield and Sam Long joined us on our Triathlete LIVE AMA show on Wednesday to talk all things triathlon.

TriathleteLive AMA with Tyler Butterfield and Sam Long.

Posted by Triathlete Magazine on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Veteran pro Tyler Butterfield and up-and-coming pro Sam Long joined us on our Triathlete LIVE AMA show on Wednesday to talk all things triathlon. Tyler talks about balancing training life with four young kids, while Sam shares a unique perspective on making triathlon a career as a young pro. Enjoy this conversation with Tyler and Sam!

3 minutes in
What does the structure of your training look like? Sam talks about his harder days and his easier days, while Tyler shares how his training structure has trained with four young kids.

7 minutes in
Sam and Tyler talk about their time training together, and share a memorable moment from one of their rides together. Tyler shares why he’s so willing to help the younger generation.

12 minutes in
Sam talks about what set him up for such a successful season. (Hint: it starts in the off-season!)

14 minutes in
Both athletes share how they do strength work in and out of the season. (They’re quite the opposite when it comes to this topic!)

18 minutes in
Sam and Tyler talk about how they practice mindfulness in training and racing.

22 minutes in
“How do you turn it around if you’re having a tough race?”

24 minutes in
Tyler gives advice to Sam ahead of the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice.

29 minutes in
Top tips for international travel

34 minutes in
Sam shares what he’s done to work on his swim.

37 minutes in
“How much open-water swimming do you do?”

39 minutes in
Sam and Tyler share advice for athletes who feel anxious about open-water swimming.

42 minutes in
“What’s the worst equipment malfunction you’ve ever had?” Sam Long shares his “never try anything new on race day” story.

48 minutes in
Sam shares his favorite workouts for Ironman.

50 minutes in
“Tell us about your post-training meals.”

53 minutes in
“What’s the best way to earn the respect of your fellow pros?”

59 minutes in
Sam Long on the uncertainty of being a professional triathlete and working to make it a long-term career