#TriathleteLive: Meredith Kessler on Her Love of the Sport, Parenthood, and More

Eleven-time Ironman winner Meredith Kessler joins us from her home in Columbus, Ohio to answer your questions about all things triathlon.

Eleven-time Ironman winner Meredith Kessler joins us from her home in Ohio to chat about how she’s adjusting through this pandemic, balancing training with parenting, her favorite (and worst) Ironman moments, and more. Watch the complete Happy Hour below and check out our full series of Triathlete Live videos.

2 minutes in:
Meredith talks about how she stays positive, specifically during the coronavirus pandemic.

5 minutes in:
Meredith talks about how her day-to-day life has changed. She got to race Ironman New Zealand before most races for the spring and summer got canceled. She’s also spending a lot of time on her trainer using Zwift.

8 minutes in:
Q: What would you say to triathlon coaches in the current situation?
Meredith: Keep your athletes thriving!

9 minutes in:
How she manages the balance of racing professionally and being a mom.

12 minutes in:
Q: Which is harder, giving birth or doing an Ironman?
Meredith: I would rather do three Ironmans in row than do this again.

14 minutes in:
Q: Do you have any dietary restrictions with racing?
Meredith explains her “balanced” approach.

16 minutes in:
Meredith shares her favorite treat!

16 minutes in:
Q: How long are you going to keep racing?
Meredith: I like to say my best racing years are ahead of me!

18 minutes in:
Q: What was your favorite Ironman victory?

19 minutes in:
Meredith on her biggest success and lowest points in racing.

22 minutes in:
Q: What do you tell yourself in those dark moments in a race?

24 minutes in:
Meredith talks about taking on an Ironman as her first triathlon ever, nearly 20 years ago.

26 minutes in:
Q: What happened between your first race and winning your first Ironman?

29 minutes in:
Q: Do you ever quit training sessions?

32 minutes in:
Q: Do you prefer to train alone or with other people?
Meredith: There’s a time for both.

34 minutes in:
Q: When you train alone what do you listen to?
Meredith: Music!

36 minutes in:
Q: What do you do to prevent injuries?
Meredith uses strength training and cupping.

40 minutes in:
Q: Was there a time when you stopped training for a period and came back?

42 minutes in:
Meredith talks about the importance of pelvic floor strength after having a baby.

44 minutes in:
Q: How many days a week are you doing hard sessions versus fairly easy sessions?

45 minutes in:
Meredith talks about her upcoming Mother’s Day event with fellow mom (and pro triathlete) Mirinda Carfrae. Get the details here.

52 minutes in:
Q: Is there anyone in triathlon who you don’t get along with?

56 minutes in:
Q: If you could pick anyone to play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

Q: What is something weird that no one knows about you?

Q: Are there any fun workouts you’re doing right now?

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