The Triathlete Hour: Sarah Piampiano Gets Real About Uncertainty & Starting A Family

After quitting smoking and leaving a 100-hour/week finance job, Sarah Piampiano dedicated herself to becoming the best triathlete she could be. Now what?

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In ep. 9 of the Triathlete Hour, Sarah Piampiano opens up about the uncertainty she’s facing as a “mature” athlete. This season was supposed to be her last season before she and her husband started a family. But now with all the uncertainty around racing: Does she wait? She’s 40: Does she try and come back to racing after having a kid? How do you tackle these questions?

Sarah also talks to us about how she almost quit the sport in 2018. But after months off to re-find her fire, she came back in 2019 and set the third fastest American women’s Ironman time in history.

And first, we chat about the big news: Ironman postpones Kona 2020 to Feb. 2021. What does this mean for athletes? How will next year play out?