The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Jesse Thomas Officially Retires

What starts out as a joke becomes official, as the six-time Wildflower champ looks back on a successful career.

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In ep. 8 of The Triathlete Hour, Jesse Thomas decides to make his retirement “official.” He then looks back on how he got here, his years in the sport, and where he goes from here.

A quick note: In the episode, Jesse jokes that he wrote a goodbye retirement post that he never published. After we finished recording, he agreed to publish that final Triathlete column, which you can now see here and his past Triathlife columns here.

This introspective episode with a fan favorite covers everything from sponsor money differences between men & women to how he and his wife, Lauren Fleshman, a 5,000m national champion, balance it all. Plus, what adventures he has his eye on next.

Plus, we give you a sneak peek at a new training podcast coming soon from Triathlete.