The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Holly Lawrence on Coming Back from Injury

In 2018, the 70.3 World Champ broke her foot and was told she'd never compete again. Was that worse than missing this season because of race cancellations?

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In ep. 5 of the Triathlete Hour, 70.3 World Champ Holly Lawrence joins our host Kelly O’Mara to explain how coming back from a devastating injury helped prepare her for uncertainty during this COVID-19 pandemic.

She talks to us from her house in LA about why she doesn’t ride in the rain, how the World Championships in Nice stressed her out, and if she thinks pro triathletes can be a little boring. Plus, she was preparing to do her first Ironman in St. George — what now?

Senior editor Chris Foster joins us first, though, to help figure out if too many triathletes are getting quarantine injured, why, and what they can do about it.