The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Andy Potts Remembers When It All Came Into Focus

Plus, Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold outlines some of the barriers keeping Black triathletes out of the sport.

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The legendary Andy Potts joins us for episode 12 of the Triathlete Hour. He looks back on his 19 years in the sport, how he found his way to triathlon after *just* missing out on the Olympics in swimming, and when he realized he might be good at this.

Plus, an extensive discussion of when it’s OK (and when it’s not OK) to poop yourself during a race, why he’s bummed the harder races often get canceled, and how his wife’s cancer diagnosis pushed them down a path of chasing what you love.

We also promise, in the episode, to share a few of his daughter’s Would You Rather…

…be stuck outside on a gnarly weather day or stuck inside on the most beautiful ever?
…lick the salt off of a very salty pretzel or eat the pretzel that someone licked the salt off of?
…travel to the past to talk to yourself or the future to talk to yourself?
…successfully summit Mount Everest or successfully dive the Mariana Trench?

And first, a discussion with the amazing Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold on the barriers to diversity in triathlon and what can be done to remove those barriers. In the conversation, we mentioned the history of exclusionary policies when it comes to swimming and for those who want more information, here’s a New York Times article on the topic.

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