The Funniest Twitter Account in Tri

This pro-turned-photog is pretty punny.

We love following our favorite triathlon photographers on social media—our feeds are full of sharp shots from races around the world and insider glimpses at the lives of our favorite pros. But our favorite photog channel belongs to Tommy Zaferes. In addition to being pretty speedy on an ITU course, the pro triathlete (and husband to ITU star Katie Zaferes) has also proven to be pretty handy with a camera. But what we really love are the laugh-out-loud outtakes Zaferes saves—and the captions he uses to share them. (He calls them “dumb jokes for athletic folks.”) you’re not following Zaferes on your social media accounts what are you waiting for? His handle on both Instagram and Twitter is @tzaferes, and he’s serving up laughs on a regular basis.