Siri Lindley on Endless Positivity, Facing Fears, Coaching Pros, Cracking Kona, and More

This is an inspiring and motivating hour of Q&A you won't want to miss!

Former ITU world champion and world-renowned triathlon coach Siri Lindley joined us on our weekly Facebook Live AMA show on Wednesday to talk all things triathlon. Siri covered a wide range of topics including the importance of being positive and facing your fears, learning to swim aged 23, her work with three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae, and the secret to cracking Kona. It’s an inspiring and motivating hour of Q&A! See highlights below.

Join us next Wednesday (July 3) at 1 p.m. MDT for our Facebook Live AMA with Ironman champion Chris Leiferman and Kennett Peterson, former pro cyclist who finished 2nd at Ironman Boulder recently.

Highlights of AMA with Siri:

2:37 – Details of this week’s contest with JackRabbit. Visit before midnight MDT tonight to be in with a chance to win a goodie bag!

3:21 – How do you know when a coach is a good fit for an athlete?

5:45 – How can relentless positivity help athletes?

6:20 – Where focus goes, energy flows!

9:20 – The importance of training your weaknesses. “What we don’t want to do, we need the most,” Siri says.

11:40 – Why Siri advocates pushing a big gear and low cadence on the bike.

14:28 – How Mirinda Carfrae’s training has evolved over the years, especially since the birth of her daughter.

19:04 – Breaking through the fear of the unknown on race day. “Fear is what gets in the way of you achieving your dreams,” Siri says.

19:55 – “When you step outside of your comfort zone and you’re afraid-but you do it anyway-that’s when great things happen.”

27:27 – How Siri monitors and watches her athletes to make sure they’re not over-reaching: “How are they treating other people? What’s their mindset?”

30:30 – Tackling Xterra training

31:45 – The secrets to cracking Kona – “it’s very mental; it’s my favorite race in the whole world,” Siri says. “You’re going to have to dig deeper than ever before at Kona. You can’t do that all the time in training. As a coach I want to know that you’re going to be healthy and happy to do that on race day.”

35:12 – Adapting training for athletes over 40 and eating right.

38:20 – What’s Siri’s key to recovery? “Taking care of the people who are most important to you; be present with them.”

41:49 – Siri opens up about difficult times in her life and how it led her to Tony Robbins. She says his book helped save her life.

44:45 – Siri talks about her book, Surfacing.

47:00 – Balancing HIIT training with aerobic work each week.

49:00 – Hard training needs to be hard; easy training needs to be easy. Siri talks about her polarized approach to training.

50:18 – Boosting your pain threshold and pushing through uncomfortable moments – in training and life.

51:59 – The difference between coaching professionals and age-groupers.

53:33 – Siri talks about rescuing horses (check out her non-profit Believe Ranch and Rescue) and the similarities of working with athletes and horses. “It’s about trust, confidence, and energy.”

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