Photographer’s Best of 2018 Triathlon Gallery: Delly Carr

Delly Carr—who calls Australia home—shares his top 20 photos from the 2018 ITU season of racing.

As the year comes to an end, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) is showcasing the best images from their photographers in 2018. This week Delly Carr—who calls Australia home—shares his top 20 photos. Here is what he shared with about his time in the sport:

Last Sunday passed like many of my other Sundays. I spent the day shooting Triathlon.
This day was a touch different. It marked a special anniversary.
It was that same date 30 years ago that I took my very first photo of Triathlon.
I walked into a sport and lifestyle that has defined my life and career.
I won’t even try to estimate the number of pics I have taken since then. It’s in the millions.
People keep asking me if I ever get bored or tired photographing ITU Triathlon.
Each year, the athletes get faster. They get stronger. They reach higher levels of performance.
I photograph Victory and Triumph. I photograph Disappointment and Misfortune. Laughs, smiles, blood, sweat and tears.
And this is what makes my job different, I photograph this athletic greatness within new locations, new races, and new sporting Games. I then also place this human condition within my photographic friends and foes, the light and the darkness.
This 2018 ITU year was no different.
Triathlon Photography is my Ikigai. My ‘purpose in life’, the reason why I get out of bed every weekend.