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#TriathleteLive: Cam Wurf on Fatherhood, Being Humbled by Ironman, and Why Doping Isn’t As Prevalent

Australia's Cameron Wurf provides some honest thoughts in this edition of #TriathleteLive.

Ironman champion and pro cyclist Cameron Wurf joins us from his current base in Andorra, Spain to talk about how he’s managed training through the pandemic, life as a new dad, what he’s learned in transitioning from rowing to cycling to triathlon, and why he thinks doping isn’t as big of a problem as it used to be. Watch the complete Triathlete Live above and check out our full series here.

1:00 Cam opens the show by telling us about his experience through the pandemic from his base in Andorra, Spain. He’s had a unique experience in the small Spanish town and says he’s the fittest he’s ever been.

6:50 Cam talks about becoming a father. His son was born five weeks ago in Andorra. 

8:20 Cam talks about how he went from an Olympic rower to a pro cyclist.

13:00 “Do you have any tips on what you’ve learned as a professional in triathlon? Is there anything you wished you had known back then?”

15:41 Cam talks about his first experience with racing Ironman and how humbling it was.

18:40 Cam talks about what inspired him to get into triathlon and shares some of the best stories from his early days in the sport.

26:20 “What would you do if you feel de-motivated after a couple of hard training days?”

30:26 “How much of a challenge will it be to peak in both February and October for Kona next year?”

33:10 Cam has been talking about racing as both a pro cyclist and a pro triathlete. He talks about how he’s going to manage that schedule with the rescheduled events.

38:25 “If you had to pick three athletes to form a pack with you in Kona, who would they be?”

39:07 “Is it possible to win Kona in both February and October? And if so, how would you celebrate?”

40:22 “What are your thoughts on the recent Lance Armstrong documentary?”

44:30 Cam talks about his experience in cycling coming into the sport after so many scandalous years.

46:40 “Do you think doping is also a problem in triathlon?”

50:11 “How do you get along with some of the top pros in the sport?”

52:39 “What is your advice for someone starting out in triathlon?”

55:15 Cam talks about his experience of training with Nike’s Breaking2 group.

57:50 “What is the best thing you have done to help your swimming?”