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Triathlete Live: Mark Allen Talks Kona History and Training Advice

The six-time Ironman world champion chats about his days of racing the Ironman World Championship, shares training advice for age-group triathletes, and gives his picks for who would have won Kona this year.

We’re celebrating what would have been Ironman World Championship by reminiscing with one of the greatest Ironman athletes in history. Watch the complete Triathlete Live above and check out our full series here.

Mark opens by talking about how he’s spending this odd Kona week, and how he thinks Covid-19 will shift people’s perspective on races. 

5:30: Mark talks about his coaching business and where it is now. 

6:41: “What new technology do you think is worthwhile?”

9:56: “How as a coach do you help an athlete who might need to learn how to dial in how much they use data?”

13:51 “How do you manage athletes that want to go hard all the time?”

17:40 “If there something being done now that looks like something old, but is being called something new?”

21:30 Mark talks about some of his record-breaking performances in Kona. 

30:16 “What was the spark that made you want to do triathlon in the first place?”

35:20 “Which athletes are you most excited to watch right now?”

38:35 “Where would rank if you were competing against athletes in modern times?”

41:00 Mark talks about his current training regime looks like. 

45:06 “How do you turn your brain off when it’s time to rest or nap?”

47:45 “What advice do you have for new triathletes?”

49:25 “How can older athletes keep improving?”

52:30 “Where do you think today’s triathletes can continue to get faster?”

54:30 “What benefits do you find in racing shorter distances when preparing for a longer race?”

57:02 “Who do you think would have won Kona this year?”