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Triathlete Live: Linsey Corbin on Training Lessons, Favorite Races, And Fueling Strategies

The American pro (and our September/October cover athlete!) chats about how she's coping in a year without races.

Ironman champion Linsey Corbin joins us from her home in Bend, Oregon to talk about her training approach through the pandemic, bucket list races, lessons from Kona, and how she stays motivated in training. Watch the complete Triathlete Live above and check out our full series here.

Linsey opens by talking about training through the pandemic and the fact that she’s joining us for our Hawaii From Home challenge!

4:25 Linsey answers the question: “Who is Linsey?”

5:35 Linsey talks about her golden retriever, Chimmy. 

7:19 “What do you recommend for a beginner when it comes to training and racing?”

8:20 “How many hours do you train each week?”

9:44 “How much of your weekly mileage is aerobic versus high intensity?”

11:14 Linsey talks about why she uses polarized training (easy is easy and hard is hard).

13:41 “What are your favorite sessions to do?”

16:08 “What have been your craziest Covid-19 adventures or training sessions?”

18:42 “What has kept you motivated this year?”

21:00 Linsey talks about what it’s like to be married to someone who is not a triathlete.

24:55 “How did you balance training before you became a pro?” (Linsey also shares the story of how she became a pro!)

29:25 Linsey talks about what attracts her to Ironman racing.

31:12 Linsey talks about her bucket list races.

32:10 “What is your most memorable victory?”

34:49 “What is your biggest mistake in a race, or race you’d like to do over?”

35:35 “What are your favorite races?”

36:25 “What was your swim training like for the lead-up to Kona last year?”

41:00 Linsey talks about her love for food and nutrition.

44:45 “What would your food look like on a big training day?”

50:00 Linsey talks about the unique strategy she uses to stay focused through a marathon.

54:00 “What are the biggest things you’ve seen change in the sport?”

56:30 Linsey shares what she’s hoping her 2021 schedule will look like.

59:00 “What about the culture of triathlon would you like to see change?”