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Triathlete Live: Heather Jackson Talks Gravel Riding, Nutrition, and Life Through the Pandemic

In this Triathlete Live sponsored by Tonal, American Heather Jackson chats about everything from her biggest race mistakes to her plans for the upcoming year and beyond.

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Multiple Ironman champion Heather joined us from her current base in Tucson, Arizona to talk all things triathlon. This Triathlete Live is presented by Tonal, the smartest home gym. Watch the complete Triathlete Live above and check out our full series here.

Heather opens by talking about the decision to relocate from Bend to Tucson in August, and then transitions into talking about Sunday’s PTO Championship, where she finished 20th.

3 minutes in: “When did you know that triathlon is something you wanted to pursue? And how did you do it?”

5 minutes in: “What does your nutrition look like when you’re not racing?”

8 minutes in: “What’s one healthy food that you can’t live without?”

9 minutes in: “What does your typical training schedule look like?”

12 minutes in: Heather talks about her new coach and missing out on Ironman Arizona after focusing on her run during the summer and fall. 

14 minutes in: “What are your favorite speed workouts on the bike and the run?”

18 minutes: She shares how she incorporates Tonal into her training routine.

20 minutes: She talks about how she’s going to approach the off-season after a strange year of lack of racing.

23 minutes in: She chats about seeing her friend and training partner Paula Findlay win the PTO Championships in.

27 minutes in: She explains why she’s added gravel riding and racing to her schedule and how it benefits her as a triathlete.  

32 minutes in: “You always seems so happy! What’s your secret? And how do you keep positive during hard sessions?”

33 minutes in: “Have you ever run into the wrong transition tent? And what other mistakes have you made in races?”

35 minutes in: “Give us one tip to working on becoming a better swimmer!”

38 minutes in: “Why are you always carrying a banana in races?”

40 minutes in: “How do you design your kits?”

41 minutes in: “How often do you strength train? And how often do you use the Tonal?”

42 minutes in: “What is your favorite race?”

43 minutes in: “Have you started thinking about which races you’ll do next year?”

45 minutes in: “Do you coach? And what are your future goals?”

47 minutes in: “How is #vanlife coming along?”

50 minutes in: “What is it like being a professional athlete during the pandemic?”

53 minutes in: “What’s your go-to mantra when you’re struggling in a race?”

53 minutes in: “What album do you listen to during training?”

54 minutes in: “What is the greatest movie ever made?”