Triathlete Hour Podcast: Josh Hageman Has Collected *Every* Zwift Badge

Tips on what it takes to get all the Zwift badges, what that means, how you end up doing that in the first place—and other interesting bits about a regular guy who did something not so regular.

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This week, we’re talking to age-grouper Josh Hageman, who has collected every badge on Zwift. At least he thinks he has. It’s a bit of a secret, bit hard to find out for sure—so if you know of a badge he doesn’t have, he wants to know about it.

He tells us how he went down that hole, what tips he has for other indoor athletes, and why he started a marshmallow business. Plus, how you go about creating your own wacky challenges in real life. Hint: They usually start as bad ideas.

Transcript for the episode available here.