Triathlete Hour Podcast: Gabriela Gallegos Wants to Bring Triathlon to Everyone

This week, USAT and World Triathlon board member Gabriela Gallegos gives us some inside scoop—and some tips on making a race series welcoming to all.

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On this week’s Triathlete Hour, we’re talking with Gabriela Gallegos, who serves on the USA Triathlon Board and on the World Triathlon board (formerly the ITU). She gives us a breakdown of what that even means, how someone ends up on one of those boards, and why she started a triathlon series in her hometown of El Paso, Texas—plus what she learned going from lawyer to race director to public health advocate.

This episode was recorded two weeks ago, before the most recent USAT vote on the updated bylaws. One note: We did go back and ask Gabriela for some clarity on those proposed changes.

Like we mention, you can read all the changes here on the USAT site. And if you’re a current USAT member, you should have gotten an email with a link to vote by the end of the month.

But we promise the rest of the conversation is more interesting than bylaw changes!

And first, we chat with Laura Siddall again for Sid Talks in advance of Challenge Miami this weekend. Get all the details about how to watch (and who to watch for) here.

Transcript for this episode available here.