The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Todd Crandell Races for Recovery

What Ironman and healthy habits can do for your life.

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This week, we talk to a very special guest, Todd Crandell. An addict, who hit rock bottom, Todd found redemption in exercise and, ultimately, in Ironman. He’s gone to help and inspire thousands of others. Though his story’s been told many times before—including by us—he opens up here about some of the aspects of founding Racing for Recovery, training addicts and some of the specific issues they face.

He tells us about the things he’s learned over the year, the power of Ironman, and some advice that’s good for anyone.

We also open with our Sid Talks segment with Laura Siddall, chatting about building habits and resolutions. We also talk about Ironman being sold out in North America and what we expect this year.

It’s a show about how to find a healthy life and the role triathlon can play for all of us.