The Triathlete Hour Podcast: Sal Edwards is a Pioneer of the Sport

The 5th woman to ever finish an Ironman, one of the founders of TriFed, and inventor of a number of training concepts we now consider standard. If you don't know Sal Edwards, you should.

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This week is all about women. We talk to triathlon pioneer Sal Edwards, one of the first women to ever finish an Ironman. Sal was a pro triathlete before pro triathlon was a thing. She helped found TriFed, which became USA Triathlon. She won Western States, she wrote some of the first books on triathlon training, she served as the last finisher at Danskin’s popular series for decades, she sold Fleet Feet (the popular running store) before starting her own heart rate training company. And she’s still going strong.

If you know Sal, then you know she doesn’t hold back—and this interview is no exception.

And first, Sara Gross gives us the details on a new women’s performance summit, and why it’s needed NOW.

Get the details and link to register for the summit here.